Direct Delivery ™

Voice Messaging Reinvented

Technology that increases your sales and differentiates you from your competitors!

Voice messaging has migrated from the landline to the mobile phone.

86% of people receive their voice messages on their cell phones...Why are you still calling their landline?

Direct Delivery ™ is now the primary component of a multi media marketing strategy which includes sms/text, social media, ad words, and traditional media.

Main Features:

8X the response rate of other platforms

Over 80,000 concurrent drops

Message delivery rates above 90%

Lowest price guarantee

Sell More...Work Less

Connect rates explode to 96%+

Target 327M+ Cell Phones

Reach targeted audiences

Message Everyone

Be Ahead of The Rest

This is a new enhanced service

Response rate is 4.8%!

More efficient sales cycle

Fully TCPA Compliant

Why Direct Delivery ™ Ringless Voicemail Drops remain TCPA Compliant

We value your business and want to provide the best possible experience. That's why we offer great features that are available on all plans!

No phone call is ever made directly to the subscriber

The subscriber is not billed for the Direct Delivery ™ Ringless Voicemail drop

With Direct Delivery ™ Ringless Voicemail the phone does not ring and the network does not carry an active call

The FCC defines voicemail services as enhanced information services.

The FCC does not regulate Enhanced Information Services.

When used responsibly Direct Delivery ™ Ringless Voicemail drops are 100% TCPA, FCC, and CRTC compliant

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